Chik-fil-A’s outspoken recipe for social media transparency

Do you know someone who over-shares at the dinner table or frequently blurts out things that would make a sailor blush?

("Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Vacation," n.d.)

(“Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Vacation,” n.d.)

Some of my favorite people to follow on social media are guilty of pushing the envelope and crossing politically correct lines.

It begs the question, how do they get by with it? Will they ever work again? I’ve listened to the warnings of friends, family and media professionals that everything we do and say on social media will be scrutinized by potential employers, peers, and society at large. But, do we worry too much? I think sometimes we do. Continue reading


RE Agents EASILY outrank opponents using Google+

[Even if you think Google+ is on the brink of extinction, here is at least 1 reason to use it now]

Nine in 10 home buyers today rely on the Internet as one of their primary research sources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step.

In fact, real estate related searches on grew 22% year-over-year. Additionally, approximately one-fifth of real estate related searches happen
on mobile devices, and Google real estate related searches on mobile devices grew 120% percent year-over-year from 2011 to 2012 (“The Digital House Hunt…,” 2012).

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Tornado’s, meet smartphones and social media

Before we all had camera phones in our pockets, catching unexpected events on camera was kind of a long shot. It made sense that no one had captured the definitive Sasquatch video, an alien being or a life-threatening house-sized meteor shooting across the sky at 65,000 km/h.

Today, most of us are camera-ready, with the ability to send instant messages to the world at any moment. When a meteorite raced through the sky over Chelyabinsk (Russia) on February 15, 2013, Continue reading

Goodbye Google+? Creator’s exit casts uncertain future

google+ iconIt’s an ongoing debate whether Google+ is ultimately on a path toward success or failure, and with the recent departure of Vic Gundotra—one of the Google+ visionaries and creators—the future of Google+ is in question once again. There is speculation that Google+ may be on a downward spiral or planning some big changes in the months ahead.

So, I’ll pose the question… What will save Google+? Continue reading

Rolling the Dice: Leaders in Emerging Media.

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20-20. Incorporating emerging media into a business plan often takes courage and risk. As a result, most companies choose to follow the lead of other companies that find success in these new spaces. In the age of digital media, however, being an early adopter can lend itself to great rewards.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, offers some advice on appropriate risk-taking behavior…

Sir Richard Branson

“Sir Richard Branson worked as an AirAsia X flight attendant on Sunday after losing a bet to AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes (CNN Travel Staff, 2013).”

“…when you make a good wager, the odds are not going to be in your favor [as the picture on your left may illustrate–see caption]. The calculated risks you and your team take should be strategic judgments, not just blind gambles: Protect the downside by figuring out the odds of success, working out what the worst possible consequences would be, then deciding whether to accept (Branson, 2012).”

Branson’s advice applies to business in general, but risk-taking CEO’s should also pay close attention to Continue reading

The Next Wave: Wearable Technology

Google recently unveiled the Moto 360, a wearable watch that is drawing the admiration of many for several design and functionality improvements. Some of highlights of this new watch include:




No charge port. 

Works with any Android 4.3 phone. 

Round design = more appealing to men and women.

(Stein, 2014)

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